Marketing Office Hours: Talking To Your Groups About Switching To Online Enrollment

Join the EaseCentral Marketing Team for a quick presentation and Q&A about how you can talk to your groups about switching to online enrollment.


Did you know that 68%1 of employees want to enroll in benefits online or electronically and only 16%1 want paper enrollments?  In this month’s office hours you’ll learn about introducing your groups to the benefits of online enrollment and the features they’ll find useful when managing benefits and HR.

We’ll be hosting three convenient 45-minute sessions, each covering the same agenda, so you can attend the session that best fits your schedule.

Here's what to expect:

  • A 10-minute presentation about how to introduce your groups to online enrollment
  • Resources available to help you talk to your groups about online enrollment and EaseCentral features
  • Q&A session with Raina Sheth and Morgan Seymore, Marketing Insiders at EaseCentral

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Duration: 30 minutes


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